03/11/12 engagement session } kristine + ezekiel 

Kristine + Ezekiel (EZ) got engaged on December 28th, 2011, which happens to be EZ’s birthday! He thought proposing on his birthday would totally throw off Kristine because he knew she would make the day about him — a perfect plan, at that.

Sometime before the proposal, Kristine + EZ watched the movie Tangled. EZ pretended to not pay attention while Kristine was enamored with the scene where Rapunzel’s parents and the town lit floating lanterns to send a message out to Rapunzel to please come home (watch the scene here).

Keeping that in his vault of things to remember, EZ decided to incorporate the floating lantern idea for the proposal.

EZ’s 24th birthday came and expectedly, Kristine made it all about him. That evening, they dressed up (lookin’ good, of course) and went out to dinner. When they got back to the house, EZ brought Kristine to the back porch where he and a couple of his family/friends had set up a floating lantern. Kristine was so excited and looked back to EZ who was already on one knee, holding the ring. Kristine said yes, of course and his family/friends who helped out were actually inside the house and played EZ + Kristine’s song through the window so that they could slow dance under the stars.

And that, our friends, is the story behind the proposal and the lantern used in one of the photos.

The stories behind the ukelele and yellow umbrella? Simple: EZ sings sweet melodies to Kristine and they both enjoy the show How I Met Your Mother. Unfamiliar with the yellow umbrella reference? Read this article.

On the day of the engagement shoot, EZ was prepared with outfits, poses and props. The location of the shoot was at Dam Neck Beach in Virginia Beach, VA which is on a naval base (EZ is in the Navy). The weather was gorgeous and perfect — a breezy 60 degrees in March. Not many people there to interrupt the session so we were able to have a successful shoot!

Congratulations to this young and in love couple. We wish you a fun, successful wedding and a lifetime of happiness.

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